• Rachel Loechelt

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your life?

Are you getting the most out of your life?

Is your happiness coming from a place of knowing who you are and what you want?

Does your happiness at all depend on another person?

Are the decisions you are making for your life aligned with your own beliefs and desires?

For a moment, I'd like you to consider answering the following questions in all honesty.

Is your life fulfilling you?

Are the things in your life that are no longer making you happy in your control?

How in control of your life do you actually feel?

Are the decisions you make dependent on someone else?

Do you feel that the things that must change in your life are in your power?

Are you dependent on anyone other than yourself for your overall happiness?

How consumed do you feel by stress every day?

How often do you find yourself overwhelmed every week?

If you have answered these questions honestly, please ask yourself, "Am I happy?"

If you've answered no, kind of, or not at all, I need you to hear this.

There is absolutely no reason we should be living an unfulfilling life. If your happiness has anything to do with a situation that you could potentially change, ask yourself, "What am I waiting for?"

You can sit around all day, waiting for your life to change. You can beg people to stay and change for you, and you can ignore all the issues in your life that are extinguishing your light. If you want things to change, you need to really ask yourself what it is you want, need, and deserve in life and you need to peruse those things. Nobody, and I mean, nobody is ever going to truly fulfill your life more than you ever will.

No more putting yourself second.

No more waiting for something to happen.

No more worrying about everyone else's issues other than your own.

No more worrying about someone more than yourself.

No more depending on another person for your well being.

No more falling behind.

No more waiting for someone else to pick up your broken pieces.

No more wasting your precious time.

No more excuses.

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