• Rachel Loechelt

Being Pretty Isn't That Important.

That’s right. Being pretty isn’t that important. I completely understand why women put so much time and effort into our appearance. Our society portrays beauty as value and importance to women. This is something I’ve struggled with for a long time. I try to ask myself, why do feel the need to look great all the time? Who is it truly for? Why am I so worried to be perceived as anything but beautiful? Well, I think it’s been put in our brains at a very young age that our values revolve around aesthetics.

Beautiful women are everywhere and they’re not going anywhere. When we’re young, we receive compliments such as how cute we are. People tell us how beautiful we are, how we can be models one day if we wanted to, and how cute the bows are in our hair. When we watch television or movies, women are always so glamorous and mesmerizing. Instagram and Snapchat is primarily selfies upon selfies of our friends showing their best photos of themselves (No filter, of course). It’s been something I’ve seen for a long time and started to feel sad about.

Once I started to take a step back and evaluate societies standards of women, I had someone tell me I don’t “dress up” as much as I once had. My response? I’d rather be comfortable. I do put in effort occasionally just to look “presentable” (whatever that means). I’ve slowly come to realize that being “hot, beautiful, or sexy” isn’t that important to me anymore. It just isn’t. I finally feel free to be me. I feel more beautiful than ever. Who cares if someone doesn’t think you’re attractive? Why does it matter? If it hurts you, ask yourself why someone else’s approval means so much to you? Well, I asked myself this same thing before and realized a lot of my self esteem was boosted by other people’s views of me. If someone rejected me or didn’t find me attractive, it hurt me because my entire self worth was being attacked. That’s right, someone else’s approval of me mattered that much. I’m grateful that I interrogated the way I felt because it opened my eyes to how ridiculous the concept was. I’m being honest about this in hopes it will resonate with someone else.

Being talented, loving, confident, smart, funny, and kind are the adjectives we should strive for when describing ourselves. Yes, of course we love to look pretty and be called beautiful. Who doesn’t? All I’m saying is, it shouldn’t have to be the best quality about you. We are so much more, ladies. We are so much more than our looks. I know it’s easy to say, but it’s hard to believe sometimes. Please hear me when I say, looks fade. Beauty is something that is within. You can paint your face, dye your hair, and change your body all you want. At the end of the day, please just be a great person. Be a generous person. Be kind to others and yourself. Remember that people are drawn to aesthetics, but are grounded by the beauty within you.

Self esteem shouldn’t come from other people.

Self esteem doesn’t come from the amount of likes comments you get on a photo.


Self esteem comes from looking in the mirror, knowing you’re the way you want to be.

Self esteem is setting goals for yourself and achieving them.

Self esteem is looking at your flaws and realizing you’re still beautiful. And you.

Self esteem comes from finding personal success.

Self esteem comes from being the best version of you.

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