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CHILDREN are taking their own lives due to relentless bullying.

CHILDREN are taking their own lives due to relentless bullying.

At only 16 years old, Ashley Lovelace from Las Vegas, Nevada was found dead in her home by suicide on January 21, 2019 due to relentless bullying. She had a substantial amount of followers on her Instagram account due to her modeling aspirations and a goal driven personality. Although it is unclear where the bullying stemmed from given that she was also a high school student at the time, it has been made certain by her mother that she was bullied to death.

This is Seven Bridges, a beautiful 10 year old child from Kentucky. Seven took his own life last Saturday while his mother made a quick trip to the grocery store. When his mother returned, she found her sweet baby boy had passed away. Due to health complications and 26 surgeries later, Seven needed a colonoscopy bag which resulted in relentless, constant, and cruel bullying among his elementary school peers. “He just wanted to be normal.” his mother, Tami Charles explains.

After hearing about Ashley Lovelace’s suicide the other night, my heart broke. I know that her social media presence at the time must have been a lot to digest for an impressionable 16 year old girl. If you have ever scrolled down the comment sections on social media such as Instagram and Facebook, you know how horrible they can be.

When I read about Seven Bridges story shortly before I started writing this, my heart shattered. I just laid in bed thinking, my God, he was a BABY. A BABY was so badly hurt he decided his own destiny. How does a ten year old boy even know what to do? That’s exactly what his mother asked herself, too.

I keep asking myself, what can we do? Other then donate to their families through Go Fund Me, what more can we do to prevent suicide from happening to more sweet young children like Ashley and Seven? I know that talking openly about these horrible subjects can help prove the tremendous impact that hateful words can have on someone. I also know that, if we have children, siblings, cousins, or know any young children we can speak to, expressing the importance of being kind to each other is crucial. I think anyone at any age can learn from this.

Seven’s Go Fund Me: https://www.gofundme.com/rest-in-paradise-seven-bridges

Please, for the love of GOD, can we just be kinder to each other? Can we please teach young children that saying horrible things to other human beings can result in someone taking their own life? Maybe, WE need to set an example. To the adults reading this, please, be kinder than you ever have been before. Stand by those who you suspect are depressed or hurt by the words or actions of others. If  you ever stumble upon a cry for help on social media or sense that someone is sad, reach out to them. You never know who needs to hear something kind. Everyone can use kindness. Remember that gossiping and leaving hurtful comments online is not worth the pain that a parent feels when coming home to their dead children. 

What a painfully simple concept… We need more kindness in the world.

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