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Christmas Gift Ideas and Tips for Last Minute Shoppers!

Happy Friday everyone! Can you believe we’re only 4 days away from Christmas? That being said, there’s two kinds of people this time of year. You either did all your Christmas shopping around Black Friday, or you waited last minute (like I did) to get everyone a gift. As the days keep narrowing in, the pressure is on to get a thoughtful gift. I decided to make a list of easy, fairly priced, practical, and fun gifts. Many of these gifts pertain to women because, in my opinion, men are just difficult to shop for… ha!

So, if you need a last minute gift idea, or a gift for someone you don’t really know that well, this is the list for you! Also, these gifts can be easily purchased from almost any store or obtained online. Also, I’d like to give you a few tips to consider before picking out the perfect gift for someone that they’ll love!

Tips before you start:

Write down a list of things you know they like, even if it’s as simple as their favorite color. Then, think of some things that would compliment those interests.

Remember that great gifts are ones that are practical (useful) or for fun!

Consider big milestones in a persons life. Are they moving? Did they just move? Have a baby? Got married? New job? New car? And think of ways to compliment those life events. New home = wall art or decorations. Baby = stuff for the baby or the stressed out mom. (Spa gift card?)

If you two are similar, think of gifts you’d like to receive.

If this person is going through a difficult time in their life, consider giving a gift that could help relieve some of the tension they have. Financial assistance, a loving letter or words of affirmation, an old framed photograph, all help a lot.

Think about this persons life. Do they have a job? A car? A hobby? Find something to make these life aspects easier/more enjoyable. An office job= cute office supplies. A car= seat covers or decals. Gym membership= new gym bag or workout clothes.

Is this person going through health issues? For instance, I get bad, almost daily headaches. If someone looked up “headache relief” online and found different ways to help with that, I’d be in awe of the thoughtfulness. It shows you listen and care.

If you really don’t know this person at all, gift cards to amazon, Walmart, or local grocery store are never a let down. Might as well let them pick something they want rather you guessing.

Here’s a list of gift ideas:

Pajama set


Wet hair brush

Candle wax warmer

Room lights

Makeup tools or brushes

Salt rock lamp

Pop socket



Perfume kit

Body scrubs

Cold eye masks

Cook book

Makeup bag


Gym bag

Exercise stuff


Car stuff

A good book

Lip balm kits

Framed picture

A ton of their favorite food/candy

Basket of stuff they like

Their favorite color… whatever

Subscription to a box

Coffee beans or tea

Concert tickets

-Whatever you decide, giving a gift alone is the sweetest gesture of all. Even an attempt at a gift is better than no gift at all. Remember, the internet is a great tool to discover gifts you didn’t know existed. I hope this helped!

Merry Christmas from, Girl Code.

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