• Rachel Loechelt

Date Night For One

Updated: May 4, 2019

For the first time in my life, I went to a movies… ALONE. I loved it. I’m not sure why telling people you’re out and about alone freaks people out? “You went to a movie alone? Why? You could have called me and I would have went with you!” To be honest, I just wanted to be alone and watch a movie that wasn’t out yet. I didn’t go because nobody would go with me. I didn’t go because I was sad. I went because I wanted to watch a movie, cry if the movie called for it (which it totally did), and eat my own popcorn.

This got me thinking… Why don’t we take ourselves on dates? Nobody loves to do the thing I love to do as much as ME! It’s not lonely unless you make it lonely. I guess a perk of loving yourself and your own company helps being alone. Plus, you can shop as long as you like, eat as long as you like, nobody is there to make an impression on.

Here are some ideas of date ideas for you and yourself to consider doing together:

Go on Pintrest, pick a craft, and go to the craft store.

See a new movie

Go to the park and take pictures

Go to the park and look at dogs

Go to the dog park (with or without your dogs)

Get some ice cream or frozen yogurt

Go shopping 

Learn a new recipe

Netflix and Chill by yourself Movie night indoors (and a fort, duh!)

Buy some wine and write

Glam up and have a photoshoot

Get the new Pokemon game and catch em all (Just me?)

Make a blog/website

Go to the store, get new pajamas, blanket, and relax at home

Go Christmas shopping for… everyone!

Get a planner and get your life together 

Do something special for your dog(s) or cat(s)

Make a list of things you want or an Amazon wish list

Make a list of things you want to buy other people

Go on Pintrest and make all your friends a cute craft with googly eyes

Go on Pintrest and plan a party

Go on Pintrest and learn how to meal prep, then meal prep

Find artists you like on Spotify and listen to their other music

Go on Youtube and look up old funny videos

Listen to old music and let the nostalgia kick in

Look up TV shows from your childhood on YouTube

Find a funny Youtuber and binge all their content 

Go to Bed Bath and Beyond, and buy everything that smell good.

Get in the bath and use your new bath bomb

Look up how to make an all natural face mask

Look up how to make an all natural shampoo

Take ONE vodka shot and dance (Only if you like vodka/drinking)

Don’t text/stalk your ex after the vodka shot

Don’t take more than TWO vodka shots

Go to Goodwill and redecorate your bathroom

Go to Goodwill and look at their books

Look up local consignment stores and freshen up your closet/style Go through your closet and donate/sell your old clothes

Consider adopting a dog, agreeing to it, and buying dog stuff

Clean your room and then go to sleep.

Being alone is therapeutic. Taking yourself out once in awhile and making friends with yourself is a beautiful thing. Really think about that… when you’re spending time with yourself, you have the freedom to do what ever you want. The only thing is, at the end of the night, if it isn’t going well, unfortunately, you do have to go home with yourself. LOL.

“Be good to yourself, when nobody else will.”
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