• Rachel Loechelt

How to perform proper extractions at home without damaging the delicate structure of the face.

When done correctly, you can perform proper facial extractions at home, eliminating the possibility of scarring and pain. Estheticians use a desincrustation solution to prep the skin before performing extractions by relaxing the skin, softening excess sebum, and opening your pores thus creating a safe and easier procedure. 

Myth: You should not pop your own pimples. 

Truth: You should only pop your own pimples if you are using sterile equipment, a clean hand, cleansed faced, and use a proper technique. 


1 tsp. baking soda 8 oz. distilled water


Mix the baking soda and distilled water in a bottle that you can shake. Apply the solution to 2x2’s or cotton pads and then cover the area to be extracted for 10 minutes. Apply steam if possible to help open the pores (hot towels will do if you don’t have a steamer). 

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