• Rachel Loechelt

New Skin Care Products Making You Break Out? This May Be a Good Sign!

I'd first like to start this blog by saying I went to esthetician school in 2014 to expand my knowledge about the skin care world, something I feel very passionate about. I struggled very badly with acne and scaring when I was in high school. I was able to clear up my acne, and most of the scaring it left me. I wish I had the knowledge I do now about skin care so that I didn't have to suffer with it as long as I did.

With that being said, there's something I've heard time and time again about people taking the initiative to purchase higher end products. When making the transition from the usual drug store brand and switching over to a new skin care regimen such as Aveda, Image, or Dermalogica products, I've heard, "It doesn't work! It's making me break out!" Understandably so, many people go back to their old products. I tend to think of those products as a safety net.

Higher end products (the one's that actually work) clean from the inside out. Lower end products (most likely one's that "hide" the problem rather than fix it) push down the bacteria and appear to be working on surface level, even when it's really not. Products like Pro Active are great for fast acting problem solving, but not great for real solutions.

Our skin goes through a process called "purging". This is when the skin forces the toxins out of our body. When we switch over to a new skin care product, the "break out" we experience may be our skin working productively, even though it may seem like it's causing us more harm than good. I always become reassured when I use a new, better product for my skin and see how much bacteria I was leaving beneath the surface. I see purging as a good sign, rather than a bad one.

Once our skin purges the bad toxins, you have a new, actually clear canvas to work with. Out with the bad, in with the new. Of course, there is such a thing as "reacting" and it's not to be confused with purging. If you are experiencing an unusual amount of breakouts, places where you normally don't have them, this may be a reaction. If you experience any swelling, itching, and redness, please considering discarding the new product and find something else. Make sure you consider your skin type, allergies, and sensitives before making a switch in products.

Keep this in mind next time your skin breaks out after trying a new product.

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