• Rachel Loechelt

Pick Yourself Up, Girl. Let’s Get On Track TODAY.

Are you feeling down lately? Have you lacked motivation lately? Have you recently noticed you aren’t as productive, energetic, and excited in your day to day life? I’m here to tell you, I feel you. I understand how you feel so much.  For a long long time, I would sleep my life away. I stopped caring about my appearance and started eating very unhealthy. It’s frustrating sometimes to feel so down yet know we are the ones that have to pull ourselves out of the hole we dug. Today can be the day to change everything. Today can be the day you decide to change just ONE bad habit you’ve been longing to kick. Not New Years, Not this Friday, Not next week, NOW.

If you have decided to start working out- start out slow if you need to. Just get yourself in the habit of doing something everyday. Even if it’s 10-15 minutes of cardio, it’s more than you’ve been doing before. You’re more likely to commit to something if you start it today. It’s true. The unfortunate part of trying something new is the lack of progress you will see right away. I know we live in a world where we rely on instant gratification and results. I encourage you to see that starting something new, whether it be giving up smoking, exercising more, eating better, or drinking more water, has to start somewhere. Everybody has to have a start day. If you’re afraid of losing commitment or failing to keep yourself motivated, I encourage you to take before photos, post on social media, or email/text some friends that you’re committing yourself to a new lifestyle. This way, you’re being held accountable. It’s scary, I know. It’s very vulnerable to put yourself out there in the spotlight, but having a support team is everything. Having people look up to you and cheer you on will keep you accountable for your progress. You’re going to WANT to prove to the world that you’ve got this.

Falling off the wagon for a few days (caving in to your cravings, missing a few gym days, or having one too many donuts for breakfast) isn’t the end all to your progress. The strongest people I know have had mishaps and jumped back on ship. It’s okay to mess up. It’s okay to cave in sometimes. Nobody said you’re trying to be perfect. You’re just trying to be better.

Give yourself restrictions but cheat days. Give yourself a strict schedule but remember you are human. Be hard on yourself but love yourself at the end of the day. YOU GOT THIS. Whatever you chose today, big or small, congratulations for taking the first step in your new journey.

You Are Amazing. You Are Strong. I Believe In You.

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