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Shifting Focus and Energy to The Positive Things In Life. (Appreciation Post)

Since the new year, a lot of blog worthy material has been racing through my mind. I’ve been feeling all sorts of emotions lately, it’s insane. I have felt everything from excitement, frustration, confusion, the ecstasy of falling deeper in-love, resentment, motivation, and above all that, inspired. It’s only been three days.

I was thinking my next blog post was going to be a ranting raving jumbled mess of me trying to ventilate my frustrations lately. I realize now, it’s not worth my energy. Why do we tend to waste so much energy on the negativity in our lives? Beats me! I wish the stuff we should be happy about overwhelmed us as much instead. 

On January 1st, 2019 at 12:00 pm I realized something profound. I was in a room celebrating the new year with a small group of friends I’ve grown so closely with recently. I was surrounded by amazing people that I absolutely love and appreciate having in my life. 

When life gets me down, makes me overthink, when I start to feel bad, become worried or feel anxious… I remember those friends. I realize that every single one of those people have genuinely beautiful souls. These people come from all walks of life, yet, we do not put each other down or make anyone feel small. We all genuinely care for one and other. 

I’m so happy that at the end of each day, these people are there for me. 

If you have good friends, even just one freaking good friend, hold on to them. I have friends that have the most beautiful kind souls I’ve ever known and that alone makes me so proud to know them let alone be best friends with them.

I know this post got really cheesy, but, I encourage you to get cheesy for a moment, too. I was really going to rant about negative crap, but instead, I chose to give a shout out to the great things in my life. 

Here’s what serves me happiness every day:

My job, my schedule, my hours, and pay. 

The apartment I have because it brings me comfort when I’ve had a long day. 

My best friends. Without them, I’d be lost in the negativity of the world. 

My past. Without it, I wouldn’t be as strong as I am today. 

Every opportunity I’ve ever had. The paths I’ve taken (good or bad). 

Every day I feel inspired. 

Every day that I have energy and don’t have a headache. 

This blog.

Feeling like I’m exactly where I need to be surrounded by the people I want to be around. 

Remembering the people who don’t believe in me or think I’m failing, because without them, I’d have nobody to prove wrong.  

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