• Rachel Loechelt

Skin Care Products Estheticians Swear By! (Part 3)

Precleanse by Dermalogica

When I was in school, we primarily used Dermalogica products. They were the brand I studied and worked with for the entirety of the program. Now, I realize that there are many other wonderful and possibly better products on the market. A lot of people talk poorly of Dermalogica because they’re like the “proactive” of the professional skin care market. I personally have had a wonderful and productive experience using Dermalogica on myself and the clients I had while in school. The products I mention from this line are my favorites and unlike the other competitor products I’ve tired.

While in school, I was introduced to a product by Dermalogica called, “PreCleanse”. It’s exactly what it sounds like, too.

It’s a cleanse before the real cleanse. When we wash our faces with JUST cleanser, we’re just rubbing our makeup, oils, and sunscreen around. We tend not to completely rid our face of the products we have on prior to washing it. So, when we’re finished with our cleanser, we may not have removed all the excess oils on our face, leaving us with a half clean face. Think about tidying up your house before you mop and vacuum. You wouldn’t just start vacuuming with clothes all over the ground, would you? You wouldn’t mop the floors with dirt and crumbs scattered on the tile, would you? At that point, you’d just be swirling the floors with cleaning products and dirt.

The PreCleanser allows you to start with a clean blank canvas before using your cleanser in order to penetrate the product deeper into your skin. The Precleanse removes makeup (including waterproof eyeliner and mascara), excess sebum (oil), and excess debris buildup from the day. I absolutely love seeing products work instantly, and you’ll notice from this product something really cool happen.

First, dispense one or two pumps of Precleanse into your palm and apply it to the face. Focus your attention to your t-zone (the middle of the face and nose) to relieve your skin of the excess build up. Then, once your face has been completely covered in Precleanse, saturate your hands with lukewarm water and start to massage the Precleanse again to form a milky substance. Given that oil and water separate, it will remove the excess debris easily.

Once you feel that you’ve completely mixed the two substances, rinse away the day. Now, your skin is properly breathing and ready to receive the maximum benefit of your favorite cleanser.

If you do your research, I’m sure you’ll be able to find something similar to the PreCleanse by Dermalogica. For me, it’s a product I’ve grown close to and stuck with for a long time. It’s a wonderful makeup remover and doubles as a shaving oil as well. It is kind of expensive, though. I believe a medium sized bottle (5.1 oz) is $45 at Ulta Beauty. I’d recommend this, or similar Pre- cleansing products to anyone because it just makes sense. What I’m trying to relay is, clean your mess before you “mop”. If you really want to utilize your favorite cleanser, make sure to give yourself a clear canvas to work with.

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