• Rachel Loechelt

The Backlash I’ve received from this blog (already) (…from men)

First of all I’d like to say, if you’re reading this thank you for giving us a chance. I really love this blog because it gives us a creative outlet to express ourselves. I want nothing more than to bring women together, share each other’s own expertise, and see what girls from all over the world can bring to the table. We’ve already received so many messages from different women wanting to talk about relationship/friendship stories, advice about life, makeup tips, fitness, energy, starting a business, losing weight, etc! This is EXACTLY what this blog is about. Truthfully, I don’t expect to get thousands of viewers (although that would be freaking awesome) but any impact we can make on any amount of people is all I want out of this. If just ONE person feels like we’ve helped them, or laughed, or felt entertained here, then this was a success to us.

Anyway, back to the backlash (and I say this comically) because I can’t help but laugh when guys think “feminism” means “I hate men” LOL. That’s far from the truth. At least the feminist I know don’t hate men! Do we complain about them sometimes? Sure! Do men complain about women sometimes? … No, never. (Of course we do!) Cause we are all equally annoying and amazing.

(These quotes are paraphrased, but accurate to the context of what they were saying)

1) “Uh oh, are you guys plotting to kill your ex boyfriends?” “Is this a website where you guys are planning to take over the world and kill off all men?” -Male #1

2) “All the hair just stood up on my neck when I saw your blog” -Male # 1

2) “You should thank your boyfriend and give him credit for allowing you to make this” -Male #2

3) “You should probably include your boyfriend in all of this” -Male #2

4) “You gotta be careful what you say on these feminist sites, they can make or break your website and you can get huge backlash if you spread the wrong information” -Male #2

5) “I hope you’re doing a lot of fact checking because women tend to spread a lot of misinformation about feminism” -Male #2

I’m sure we will get many more of these kinds of remarks (Only 2 guys!) since we’ve only had this site running for a couple days. These guys are still my friends, and they don’t mean any harm. I understand why they feel the way they do, but I hope in time they can come to appreciate that we’re not trying to take over the world, talk shit about men, or spread false information. Guys, quite honestly, this isn’t about you. This. Isn’t. About. You. But, we love you! And we forgive you! ^.^

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