• Rachel Loechelt

The price of admission one must pay to be with you is NON NEGOTIABLE.

I think everyone has felt at some point in their life that they are not getting the respect, attention, or love they deserve. You might find yourself asking, “If I’m such a great catch, then why am I not being treated as such?” Well, it’s probably because the price of admission one must pay to be part of your life is often lowered in order to make yourself affordable to those unwilling to pay in full.

Listen, people are going to take advantage of you and try to cut a deal with you. What I mean by, “cut a deal” is that the person in your life, friendship or lover, is unable to provide you with everything you want in a relationship, therefore making you sacrifice the standards you have set for yourself. You know exactly who you are, what you want in your life, and your idea of a suitable partner couldn’t be more clear. Nobody ever intends on staying in a long-term toxic relationship, yet, I’ve seen them continue on for far too long. At what point did the values one once had for themselves get thrown away in order to accommodate for such mistreatment by another person? 

Your value is non negotiable. When you know your worth, never let someone treat you less than that. Do not let someone into your life who doesn’t deserve you, just so they can trim you down to a person better suited for their laziness and selfish needs. If someone truly thinks you’re worth it, which you are, they will have absolutely no problem paying the full price of admission to be with you. Allowing someone to start stripping away your beliefs, goals, mental health, morals, and the standards you have set for yourself only makes it acceptable behavior for them to continue.  

I can’t stress this enough, nobody is worth compromising yourself for. If you feel that someone in your life is breaking you down into an easier pill to swallow, they are not worthy of you. You must start demanding to be treated the way you deserve. You set the price. 

Please, never devalue yourself in order to make it easier for someone to love you. Never think that you’re asking too much or that you will never find someone who can handle you. There’s someone out there who would be proud to know you, proud to be your friend or partner, and someone who thinks you’re absolutely worth it.

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