• Rachel Loechelt

Your Home Is Your Safe Haven

After talking to a friend the other night, I realized how important it is to have a home you love. To have a place to look forward to everyday is everything. I think we’ve all had points in our lives where our home wasn’t decorated the way we wanted, or wasn’t unpacked yet after a long move. Then, we would come home after a stressful day and remember that our house is a mess. Having a place you’re proud of makes the bad days feel temporary.

I finally have a place that I love to come home to. When the hours are dragging at work or the day turns stressful, I long for the moment I get to come home and feel comforted. A home should be a safe place, not a chaotic hell. A home is your destiny. A home should feel as though all your problems come to die here.

I wrote this blog entry  just days before my apartment flooded. I felt that I finally had my apartment looking the way I wanted. My friends would stop by on the weekends and I felt proud of the place I owned. Then, on Wednesday morning at 2 am, I heard the sound of heavy heavy rain pouring down on my roof. Funny thing about that? I’m the bottom floor apartment. So, the “rain” was actually my upstairs neighbor’s bath water flooding down upon us. It was a matter of only minutes before I saw water dripping from my ceiling. Then, I saw water POURING out of the vents. When I thought it couldn’t get worse, the ceiling collapsed. My boyfriend and I had to rush our belongings out of the master bedroom and salvage our possessions. The past few days have been horrible. Loud fans keeping the ceiling and carpets dry, drywall everywhere, dust and powdered foot tracks down our long hall, and all of our many possessions taking over our living room and kitchen. I felt like my once beautiful home was an active construction zone.

The days at work have been dragging on ever since. This overtime is exhausting and the thought of returning home doesn’t feel as exciting as it once did before. I have never appreciated my apartment more than I do now. I think writing this article is ironic given what happened a few days after I wrote it.

With that being said, Whether it’s tidying up around the house, folding your laundry and putting it away, hanging up photographs, stocking the fridge with your favorite treats, lighting a few candles, hanging curtains for light control, investing in a new bed or couch, or putting your clutter in boxes or shelves will make so much of a difference. I can’t tell you how many times I felt ashamed or hesitant to invite someone over because of the way my apartment looked. It wasn’t an accurate representation of the life I wanted to live. Keeping your home tidy for guests is one thing, but keeping your house sacred for yourself means everything.

Create a home that you look forward to. Create a home that feels like a safe place for you.   

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